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What is woven wire mesh?

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6 gauge steel wire

Triple crimped, machine woven


2” diamond pattern

Wires clinched into frame members

Vertical Frame Members

1 ½” x ¾ ” x .090

“C” channel

Horizontal Frame Members

1 ½” x ¾ ” x .090

“C” channel, mortise and tenoned at corners

Center Reinforcing Bars

1” x ½ ” x .120

Double channel, bolted through mesh

Top Channel (“cap” channel)

3” x 4.1#

Channel with “U”-Bolts for installation

Corner Post

1 ½” x 1 ½” angle

With holes both sides to fit panels

Floor Shoes

1 ½” in. sq.

Cast iron

Just as with the 150c product, Indiana Wire Products can custom fabricate heavy duty panels to any width and height. 

The 200HD partitions have been used for applications such as:

  • prisons;
  • gorilla cages;
  • school locker rooms

...areas which require panels that can take frequent and extensive abuse.

Components for 200HD material are similar to those for 150c...only heavier!  Click the link below to see the major differences between the two products....

Door Locks


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