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What is woven wire mesh?

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Woven wire products involve the actual weaving of wires together to form a screen or "web".  This can be done using a variety of gauges (or thickness) of wire and the web can have either a diamond, square, or rectangular pattern.

A diamond pattern can be either "square diamond" (a diamond with 4 equal sides, like a square cocked up onto one corner) or "oblong diamond" (a diamond that is taller than it is wide).

The web is then fastened into a frame by feeding the wire ends through holes punched in the channel and then "clinching" them over. 








Frame members are joined together using a "mortise and tenon" method.  This is simply a tab on the horizontal member being fit through a slot punched in the vertical member and then hammering the tab over.






Panels can be used for a wide range of different things, such as...

  • tool cribbing
  • DEA cages and vaults
  • United States Post Office security cage
  • security screening
  • safety screening
  • storage units
  • vault enclosures
  • window guards
  • railing infill panels
  • United States Military specification arms vault

Although Indiana Wire Products can weave in a variety of wire gauges and patterns, IWP has 2 standard wire mesh types:

see also....

Infill Panels and Window Guards



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